Online to Offline

O2O (Online to Offline

What is O2O

In 2010, Alex Rampell first coined the term O2O (online-to-offline).

But what is it and more importantly why should You as a current business owner care?

the deal:

Online to offline is the real world scenario of online research to offline-brick and
mortar sales.

The Real Story here is that

it's estimated that over 84% of customers are online researching your products while in store according to Deloitte Digital.

But it is now critical for offline businesses to embrace online channels and the
associated technologies and online capabilities.

Why you may ask?

There are around 2 Billion people in the world have a smartphone (and this is set to rise to over 2.7 Billion in the next few years).

Which means that over 2 billion people are online whenever they want to be and wherever they are, including your store: 

So, if you aren’t online everywhere they are, good luck staying in business.

Why does online advertising scare most retail and service businesses?


You don't know how to use the platforms!

Until the last few years knowing if those ad dollars spent online translated
into in store sales was a fugazi.

Running a successful Facebook campaign at a low cost per impression takes a lot more planning than just hitting the boost post button.  

Ultimately the goal of any campaign online is to increase sales.  That takes quite a bit of planning and appropriate execution to effectively create a worthwhile ROI.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or PPI (Pay-Per-Impression) alike leave a lot wanting beyond creating brand recognition. 

Yes, if you are on the first page of Google or Bing your company has a great chance of getting clicks on your website,  as well as those clicks turning into customers.

However, those chances are reduced greatly if you are not in the top 3. (Whether that placement is organic or paid for with AdWords).  

CPR (Cost-Per-Revenue) Beats PPC/PPI

But your companies are in the business of earning customers.

And customers pay in money not clicks or views.  So why pay for clicks and views when you can get them for free?

Selling your business brand recognition in hopes of turning that into sales is an obsolete strategy.   

Let's just face the facts.  If your company doesn't already have brand recognition, 

Can it honestly afford to pay for it?  

Real world O2O should not have these gaping holes in proven ROI.

Your company needs a real solution.

WayneComm Rewards Network has the solution.

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The Solution is:

to offer an online loyalty program.

Why.  Our customer loyalty program has many primary and secondary benefits.

Such As:


With a partner network of over 1,500 websites backlinking to your
website your company search engine ranking will skyrocket immediately.

So if your website wasn't on the first page of Google it will be
just by joining our network.

So here’s the deal:

According to the global marketing research firm KISSMetrics estimated that the average cost of a lost customer is $243.

The value
in keeping existing customers satisfied with the product and the brand is
impossible to ignore.

The average company loses 10
percent of its customers every

Your company is no different.

If focusing on customer loyalty can lower the churn rate to 5%,

profitability of the
organization will increase by 25 percent to 125 percent,
depending on the industry.

Our Customers will be Volunteering to Pay

Waynecomm Rewards Network literally rewards your customer with a cash back offer.

So while they are exploring throughout your business:

They know that they
get that 10% cashback and are going to be a bit
more free with their money just because they know your company gives back to

The more they spend;

The more the get back;

So What's the Catch:

None, in fact it doesn't even cost to get started.

Local Online Advertising

We offer a customer loyalty program that works for both existing customers as well as for acquiring new ones.

Yes with our trusted, reputable, and popular online advertisers
that have over 200 million customers nationwide.

1,500 Trusted Websites All advertising for you locally.

Top Placement on all platforms:

So what's cost?

10% to the network

10% to the customer

On the Sales we Generate.

Ultimately, your company doesn't pay us until you get paid.
If we don't bring you sales you pay for nothing.
But we will bring you sales. Guaranteed.